FM S130 3" Waterfall (Mattress Only)

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S130 Plush Gel-Memory Foam Hybrid 13″ 

12 Year Warranty - Get this bed in a box shipped right to your door or a friends door anywhere in the USA for FREE!

Bed in a Box that can drop ship right to your door step for FREE!

  •  RPK Technology – all selected components are engineered and tested to withstand extended periods of compression.

  • This Roll Pack Technology (RPK) ensures proper recovery and extended comfort life. The PowerEdge® wrapped coils provide the same reduced motion transfer as traditional wrapped coils, but are preloaded on the edge to provide enhanced edge support.

  • Ultra-premium comfort foams, include 2+ inches of the HD memory foams and/or pure latex and other technologies for the ultimate in sleep comfort, support and durability.

  • Comfort and support foams are crushed to minimize the initial softening and lock in the comfort, to feel like new longer.

  •   Engineered to articulate on adjustable beds to customize your sleep experience.